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Comfort Cool Thumb Cmc Restriction Splint Right Medium

Looking for a comfortable, stylish and comfortable thumb crunches? look no further than the comfort cool thumb cmc restriction splints! These splints are new in the cmc range - so you can trust that they will stay put as you get your daily000 happy thumb cmc support!

Top Comfort Cool Thumb Cmc Restriction Splint Right Medium Review

This is a restrictor fit wrist splint made to allow the thumb to move back 2 inches while still keeping the hurt band in place. This is a comfortable thumb restrictor fit splint made to work with the black nc7957.
this comfortable thumb cmic restriction splint is the perfect choice for those who have a hot, sweaty or otherclimate-related injury. This splint has a low 1992 temperature rating so it is perfect for those who are already feels warmth from the injury. It is also made with 100% breathable fabric which will allow you to enjoy the outdoors without feeling hot or sweaty.
convertibles are not allowed in this capacity.